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Please note that Kate is on sabbatical from teaching as of January 2014.

This page contains schedule and registration information for the yoga classes taught by Kate Hudson. The classes are located at Yogaspace Studio.

All inquiries and registrations for the classes that Kate teaches should be directed to Kate - she will answer questions you may have pertaining to her classes and she will be able to complete your class registration by phone or email.

You will find information about the complete class schedule at Yogaspace Studio on the classes page, and if you have inquiries about Yogaspace or the other classes at Yogaspace, please contact Clearlight directly.

Kate teaches classes in Mom & Baby Yoga, Mom & Active Baby Yoga and Yoga for Toddlers and Parents:

Mom and Baby Yoga
Mom and Active Baby Yoga
Yoga for Toddlers and Parents
Registration for Kate's classes
Policies (Missed classes, cancellations, etc.)
About Kate

Mom and Baby Yoga (6 weeks to crawling)

Mom and Baby yoga is a great way to bond with your baby and to meet other new moms. The focus on this class is to regain core strength and flexibility while engaging with your baby as you enjoy yoga together in a fun and informal way. We also practice yoga and massage for your baby. Class is open for babies from 6 weeks until they are crawling.

Please note that Kate is on sabbatical from teaching as of January 2014.

For information about the Monday 1 PM Mom & Baby Yoga classes taught by Clearlight at Yogaspace, please visit the Yogaspace Studio registration page

Kate Hudson
Mom & Active Baby Yoga (7 months to 16 months)

An opportunity for mamas and crawling babies to enjoy yoga together. Both moms and active babies enjoy the benefits of this class. Exploring babies enjoy a communal centre space while moms experience a yoga practice that includes both building core strength and stretching. Moms and babies also explore yoga movements together with music, song and play. This is a wonderful opportunity for moms and babies to deepen their bond and at the same making new connections and friendships with others.

Please note that Kate is on sabbatical from teaching as of January 2014.

Registration information for Kate's Thursday Mom & Active Baby Yoga class.

Parents and Toddlers Yoga (20 months to 4 years)

In this Yoga for Parents & Toddlers class, children and parents practice yoga together, sharing the benefits and enjoyment of yoga as a family activity! The classes are fun and playful, and at the same time teach valuable skills that help meet the challenges of everyday life.
For more information about Parents and Toddlers Yoga, please visit our Kids Yoga page.

Please note that Kate is on sabbatical from teaching as of January 2014.

Registration information for Kate's Wednesday Toddler Yoga class.

Class Registration & Contact Info

Once you have selected the class for which you would like to register, it is necessary to contact Kate so that she can confirm space availability as classes can fill in advance.

Kate Hudson: (514) 572-3620, or reach Kate by email.
Please note that Kate is on sabbatical from teaching as of January 2014.

Payment in full is necessary to reserve your space. Please note that registration payments must be received within 5 days of intial registration to secure your space. You will have an opportunity to receive a refund after the first class if for any reason you feel the class is not the right fit for you (please read 'Policies' below).

All fees listed include applicable taxes: 5% GST and 9.975% QST.

Credit Card: You may pay with Visa or MasterCard by phone, if you wish to do so please call Kate at (514) 572-3620. If you reach voice mail, please specify the best time when you can be reached.

Personal Cheque: Please make your registration cheque payable to "Kate Hudson." Be sure to specify the class(es) for which you are registering and to include your name, phone number and email. You can mail or drop off your registration cheque to:
Kate Hudson
c/o Yogaspace at L'Esprit
5252 de Maisonneuve West, Suite #100
Montreal QC H4A 3S5

You will receive your receipt of payment from Kate Hudson by email, she will email your confirmation of registration promptly.


Refund Policy
Class fees are refundable only if your space can be filled. Fees cannot be refunded or credited retroactively for classes already missed. Minimum one week's notice is necessary to apply for a refund. A processing fee of $20 applies to all class refunds and returned cheques.

Please note: If after signing up and attending the first class of the session you feel the practice is not the right fit for you, and you advise Kate within 24 hours of the first class, you would receive a refund for the remaining number of classes in the session with no fee applied.

Missed Class Policy
For Mom & Baby Yoga: Up to two missed classes may be made up at a class taught by Clearlight at Yogaspace Studio, but only within the current session for which you are registered - space permitting.
For Mom & Active Baby Yoga and Toddlers' Yoga: An additional class is offered following each session of classes to give you an opportunity to make up a missed class.

Late Registration
All classes are taught in such a way that you may join the classes after the session has begun, space permitting.

Please feel free to contact Kate by Email or by phone (514) 572-3620 with any questions.

Class Location
All classes are held at Yogaspace Studio. Please visit the Yogaspace contact page to view a map, directions, and more information.

About Kate

Kate HudsonKate has been practicing yoga since 1998, and started teaching in 2001 after completing the Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program. Three years later she also became certified to teach prenatal yoga.

In her early years of teaching she taught at various locations including the NDG YMCA and different yoga studios in Montreal and the West Island. In 2005 she was inspired to open Ambaa Yoga Studio, and was co-director of Ambaa until 2009 when she decided to dedicate her time towards her yoga teaching and practice.

Kate has studied with many wonderful teachers over the years of her practice, including John Friend, Todd Norian, Rodney Yee, Seane Corne and Donna Farhi, these teachings and experiences widening and deepening her viewpoint of life and her understanding of yoga.

Over her years of practice, Kate has become an experienced teacher of all aspects of yoga including yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, energy anatomy and the underlying philosophies of yoga leading to a deeper and fuller understanding overall.

She also has studied extensively at the Institute of Natural Health Consultants which has allowed her to understand the human being in a truly holistic way, seeing beyond the body-mind to an experience of true self and wholeness. This is reflected in her teaching and overall approach.

Kate has been particularly attracted to the teachings of Krishnamurti, Ramesh Balsekar, and other teachers of the non-dual wisdom. These teachings have brought her on a journey of self enquiry and exploration which is reflected in her teaching and in her life both on and off the yoga mat. She is also continuously inspired and influenced by her yoga teacher, Clearlight Gerald and her homeopathy teacher and mentor Judyann Macnamara, who embody these practices and teachings.

She was inspired to teach yoga to children and to moms and babies early on in her career, and over the years has come to the understanding that the children are really teaching her. She continues to learn from them how to be fully present in the moment, to approach life from a place of curiosity and exploration and above all to have fun! Her passion for kids yoga naturally led her to become certified in prenatal yoga in 2004.

Over the years Kate has witnessed the benefits of yoga for women during this time in their lives through the practice of yoga, in their abilities to be deeply present and connected to a deeper wisdom within themselves and with their child through the experience of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. She loves to be able to follow her students and their children on their yoga journey through pregnancy, mom and baby yoga and eventually toddlers and children’s yoga. She is director and principle teacher with Little Lotus Yoga for Kids, who run training programs for Kids Yoga Teachers and workshops and classes for kids of all ages.

Kate’s teaching approach is one that helps to bring her students into a place of observation and awareness of the movement of both body and mind in their practice, and into a deeper awareness of themselves. In her teaching of the postures the emphasis is on being fully present in the body and in themselves, bringing them into a state of inquiry, exploration and play, in which the whole organism can become liberated to find its own natural movements.

This practice can help to release tension and stress, and help to empower individuals to connect with their own strength and wisdom. In addition to asana practice, Kate’s teachings also include yogic breathing, chakra awareness, yoga philosophy and sharing and meditation.

Kate completed her studies at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy and is a practicing homeopath and member of the Association des Naturotherapeutes du Quebec.

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